Tips for improving the low volume level of your QCY QY19

QCY QY 19 - headset

If you have QCY wireless headphones and are complaining about the low volume level. In this article, I will give you advice on increasing the volume of your headphones.

About a year ago, I purchased a wireless Bluetooth QCY QY19 headphones. Around that time, I wondered about purchasing a wireless headset primarily to replace a wired headset, but as it turned out, now I only listen to music.

After reviewing all sorts of articles on how to choose headphones and which parameters are important, I came up with several criteria for selecting headphones:

QCY QY 19. improving the low volume level of your QCY QY19

Criteria for selecting headphones

  • Sensitivity (dB)
  • Impedance (Ohm, resistance)
  • Frequency range (Hz. – kHz.)
  • Power (mW)
  • Driver (emitter, speaker), dynamic, reinforcing. Diameter, membrane material.
  • Magnet (neodymium, ferrite)
  • AFR (Amplitude-frequency response)
  • Nonlinear Distortion
  • Noise suppression (active, passive)
  • Body material (resonant properties)
  • Comfort (fatigue)
  • Headphone type (open, closed)
  • Weatherproof
  • Material and shape of ear cushions
  • Weight and dimensions

Of course, I missed some of the parameters and some of this list are not related to the choice of headphones for many users, since these parameters are related to more expensive specific and professional headphones.

Packaging and appearance

After I ordered the headphones, after about 2 weeks I received a box with headphones. The package includes:

  • Bluetooth QCY QY19 headset;
  • Micro-USB charging cable;
  • A set of interchangeable ear cushions of various sizes (two pairs of single-flange and three pairs of double-flange);
  • Mounts “ear hook” (three pairs);
  • Instructions in English.
QCY QY 19 - package
QCY QY 19 – package

By the way on the photo you see the inserted red ear pads, they are not included. I put the others.


Next, I will write the factory specifications and describe them with my personal experience.

Standby time: 180 hours
Charging time: 1-2 hours
Opening hours (listening to music, talk): 5 hours

Waiting time. I went with them for two days and still could listen to music and answer the phone, I often go and listen to audiobooks and watch movies on a laptop.

Charging time. Included is a short micro usb cable and regular charging from my phone. With the help of a special device, I measured the approximate capacity, voltage and amperage during charging. I get an average charge from a fully-broken headset to a full charge of about 35 to 45 minutes.

Working hours. As stated by the manufacturer about 5 hours of continuous operation. I note that I tried to listen to them at minimum volume, medium and high (but not maximum) and the work time to my surprise remained the same.

During charging, USB Tester showed a capacity of 44 mAh, but the characteristics indicate a capacity of 74 mAh. Perhaps I do not exclude that this is due to many factors: a charger, not a full charge (although there was a voice warning of headphones discharge 1 time, after 3 – 4 times warning device itself is turned off).

USB Tester QCY QY19
QCY QY19 USB сharge capacity

Secrets to improve the sound

There are some tricks here about the sound. Firstly, as soon as I received these headphones, I immediately connected them to the phone and listened to how they sound. The sound was normal, I thought that for audio books and video views would be enough. But later I tried the ear cushions that were included. The sound on the biggest ear cushions is more audible and covers the mid frequencies and high frequencies.

I tried all the ear pads that came in the kit and still the sound was not impressed. Later, I put my ear cushions from the kit that I purchased at the store. The sound has become more detailed with clean high and distinct middle and pronounced bass. I was surprised that for such a price category the headphones turned out to be a great solution for listening to music.

Then I noticed another trick that allows you to improve the volume and sound quality. To do this, during music playback, press the «-» button (decrease the volume) many times until the volume is completely absent, then you need to press the «+» button once (increase the volume ) and again press the «-» button and then again «+» it needs to be done until you hear a louder sound at a minimum volume. After that, the sound becomes more detailed and saturated with a higher maximum volume.

I note that if your phone supports Bluetooth aptX technology, the sound becomes even better.

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