The best choice action camera budget or GoPro alternatives

best action camera budget or GoPro alternatives

If you are engaged in extreme sports or just lead an active lifestyle, it is an action camera will capture the brightest moments. We tell you how to choose the best action camera budget device for photo and video.

Action cameras are originally designed for the toughest conditions. They are willing to withstand a much more severe test than protected smartphones or cameras. And it is easier to remove them: the miniature device is easily attached to the helmet, clothes or even wrist.

Before choosing a budget action camera, you need to decide on the important components:


Image sensor, intelligent vision processor (IVP)

An image sensor is an electronic device that converts an optical image into an electronic signal. It is used in digital cameras and image processing devices to convert light received from a camera lens or image processing device into a digital image.

Some of the action cameras below have a Sony Image Sensor. You can read more detailed technical specifications. Pay attention to the Image Size and video recording modes in the specification.

IVP affects the following functions:

  • Video compressing speed, h.264 or later h.265 format will be used.
  • Interpolation support.
  • Ability to use EIS in higher resolutions.
  • Use in 360º mode.
  • And other features

Some below models use the Ambarella H2 processor.

Picture quality

Also important is the quality of color rendering, halftone and fast shutter response to the change of lighting. When choosing a camera, you should pay attention to the video processor used by the manufacturer in the camera. It is responsible for fast and high-quality (correct) processing of the image obtained from the optics and matrix, video compression and recording to the memory card.


1. Gyro 3/6
2. G sensor
3. Anti-shake
4. Zoom
5. Voice remote control
6. EIS

7. H.265
8. Waterproof
9. Distortion correction
10. Sensor screen
11. External microphone
12. GPS

  1. In the action cameras of the budget segment, there is a 3 and 6 axis gyroscope, there is almost no difference, the 6 axis is slightly better for EIS.
  2. Any blow, sudden braking or acceleration of your car or moto vehicle is instantly recorded using the G-sensor.
  3. When you press the shutter button and the camera is shaking, it will smooth out the jitter, which will lead to a sharper picture.
  4. Many models have a digital 4x zoom action camera. But there are more than 8x zoom, etc.
  5. The ability to remote voice control using an accessory worn on the arm. For example: start video, stop shooting, turn off.
  6. Electronic image stabilization (EIS) with gyro stabilization. Gyroscopic stabilization can detect changes in camera movement in two coordinates, vertical and horizontal. The processor will process the image associated with the offset. If the camera moved up quickly, the processor shifts the frame down during processing.
  7. H.265 new codec format for compressing recorded video in a stream. Accordingly, the size of the occupied video file in the storage memory is smaller.
  8. Shooting underwater has additional advantages and waterproof action camera models support protection against the ingress of water, which makes it possible to shoot underwater from 6 to 30 meters or more.
  9. Most action cameras have a wide viewing angle from 140˚ to 180˚. For this, a fisheye lens is used. To get rid of this distortion and make a direct image, used post-processing in two ways through external software or using the internal function (if any) of “distortion correction”
  10. The touch display gives convenience in managing the interface.
  11. The microphone input jack is perhaps one of the important features for recording video with an external microphone. Also, you can record sound from any other recording device and overlay the audio track on the video.
  12. The GPS module will help to overlay the following data on the video:
  • Your position above sea level
  • Location at a specific time
  • Speed of movement
Distortion correction via software
Distortion correction via software


An important feature of which should not be neglected is the possibility of further updating the OS and support multi-language.

Next, you can see table a few best action camera budget that is a good alternative to the more expensive action cameras.

List the best budget action cameras

Brand nameSensorIVP (intelligent vision processor)Max. (video recording)ResolutionApp. cost
Xiaomi Mijia 4kSony IMX317Ambarella A124k/30fps8M$93
SJ8 AirPanasonic MN34112PANovatek NT966581728X1296/30fps14M$62
SJ8 Plus

Sony IMX117
Novatek NT966834k/30fps12M$113
SJ8 ProSony IMX377Ambarella H224k/60fps12M$143
YI 4k+Sony IMX377Ambarella H24k/60fps12M$180
YI 4kSony IMX377Ambarella A94k/30fps12M$90
Eken H9R/H9OmniVision OV4689Sunplus SPCA6350M4k/25fps (interpolation)12M$30
SJ4000 AIROmniVision OV4689Allwinner V304k/30fps (interpolation)16M$40
Eken H6S Ultra HDSony IMX078CQKAmbarella A124k/30fps (25 fps + EIS)14M$67
ThiEYE T5 ProSony IMX078CQKiCatch V504k/60fps20M$87
ThiEYE i60 + 4kOmniVision OV4689Sunplus SPCA6350M4k/30fps20M$47
Leaddge LE7000OmniVisionMSTAR MSC8328P4k/30fps + EIS20M$33
F60RSony IMX179Allwinner V304k/30fps16M$32
Action camera GOLDFOXSony IMX3864k/60fps24M$45

*Update at the moment 03.2020

Three models can be distinguished from this list:
Eken H9R/H9 and Leaddge LE7000 are cheaper.

ThiEYE T5 Pro for 4k 60fps

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